2018! One Hell of a Year

2018, well what can I say. I have changed jobs, moved house, become a fiancé, and I am ending the year surrounded by family.

I have been to Brighton and Bath, gone to Gateshead on a hen do and made some good memories along the way.

2018 has been a good year, if not a very quick year it seems, but it has pushed me to my limits and been a year full of love and joy and time spent with family and friends.


I would write a long list of goals for the year ahead that will most likely be forgotten by the end of the first week of January.

But I will share what I hope to continue.

To continue planning the wedding and enjoy it along the way.

There are so many things still to be done, keep an eye out for more content in the New Year!

To try and stay organised, and if things go wrong, pick them back up and try again.

Work, home and so many more things. I have plans for 2019, big plans!

To bring back more control of my anxiety. 

Anxiety is not fun and this year has been no different, more stress and more crazy things have been happening, but this year i’m going to take it in my stride, and give myself a break. 

To spend more time making memories than worrying about smaller things

Putting my phone down more, and actually living in the moment. 

To remember that life can be short and to remember to live it.

So from my Family to yours, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and I hope 2019, is everything you wish it to be


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