Things I Love about Christmas

Christmas is my most favourite holiday, with all the colours, and fashion and cosy warm drinks. I absolutely love Christmas.

Every single year since it was released, I turn on the Michael Buble as soon as the shops change their window displays and Halloween is over, and I will most likely listen every single day to the whole album. It is the perfect album to get anyone into the Christmas Mood.


This year again Ben and I went ice skating, and although it was no Winter Wonderland, we had a good time and had my first Mulled wine of the year. For the past four years this has been our tradition, and we love it. Ben is still a Bambi on ice and I try so hard not to fall over.

The main reason why I just love Christmas is mainly the amount of food you eat, and also the family around. Family can come is all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be biologically related, it is the love and care that everyone has for each other and the fun you all can have playing games and all eating your weight in chocolate and roast potatoes. For nearly the past four years I haven’t spent Christmas with my own family, and although I do see them over the Christmas break, I haven’t spent the actual day with them, mainly because I had to work on boxing day doing the boxing day sales and trying to race back to my uni halls to muster up some sort of dinner that usually ended up being pasta and a lot of chocolate and Christmas cake. But what I am trying to say is that despite not spending it with my own family, I have been welcomed with open arms and spent the holidays with Bens parents and family, and this year we are going to experience something new, Christmas in Germany. Definitely the place that Christmas was born, apart from Lapland.

Christmas is the best holiday, and I absolutely love everything about it.

The Christmas Lights

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Music

Christmas is the greatest time of the year.







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