LFW -My Experience

IMG_2229.JPGSo as you may have seen, it’s a new fashion season and so that means Fashion Week is upon us and so this Saturday I took the short trip in to the Capital and went to Fashion week.

The London Fashion Week Festival runs from the Thursday til the Sunday.

We went for the Saturday. And oh my days it was busy. We went for the 1pm til 4pm slot.  I would say it was a bad decision, either go for one of the weekdays or try the Sunday.

There was designer shopping stalls from a wide variety of brands and designers, ranging in price. It was quite busy and took some time to try anything on.

We also then got to see a catwalk show. My first catwalk show and it was an experience to enjoy. We saw the designer Fyodor Golan, who embraces colour and contrasting aesthetics. I didn’t take great photos but here are some to enjoy. I also bought some small things from some of the designer stalls, so keep your eyes peeled for some instagrams and outfit posts.


I would definitely recommend going if you have the money and you enjoy all things fashion.




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