5 Things I Learnt After Finishing Uni

I may have only just finished uni but Oh My Days I feel like there have been so many things that I have had to take on board and learn. University was by no means easy for me, but I am now that I am done, the life learning began. Year One Done!!

1.The pressure does subside

The amount of pressure you are under to find a job, start your life. It does start to decrease. Once you have found your rhythm, or get your routine again, it can feel like people won’t be on your back again. It is frightening, but you will get there.

2. You will still clash with people every now and again

Moving back home,  you will still butt heads with people. You have been independent for a good couple of years, and so to go back home , you feel like you are loose it. But by going on walks and taking time for yourself it can keep you sane.

3. Moving will still be just as hard

After finally finishing uni, as you may know, Ben and I are moving to our own place. Now we are faced with the challenge of condensing everything we both own to for inside our own place, and it is still hard, with so many doubles.

4. Adult life has hard times

At what points would you class yourself as an adult, I am still not sure i’m there yet. Does buying a hoover count. With taxes and bills it can be the hardest time to get used to these things. Lets also not forget deciding what to have for dinner

5. You need a thick skin

Even if you want to find your graduate job, going to so many job interviews and getting rejections you need a thick skin. I went to my first job interview feeling as though I smashed it. But finding out that I wasn’t what they wanted I understood and took it on the chin, mainly because I had already been offered another job at a lovely company much closer to where I live now. But I had applied to so many jobs and out of maybe 50 I managed to get two interviews and bag my wrung on the ladder.




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