Rain Rain Go Away

Okay seriously, why can’t the weather decide what on earth it wants to do. It either says it will be a glorious day of 11- 12 degrees or ends up being 30% chance of rain and it be 100% of the time.

Either way I thought I would bring some light to what seems to be a pretty rainy day writing this, and yes I do indeed have a whole sharing pack of malteasers in my bag, and yes they will be eaten all by me.

And so here it is, my what to do when the weather makes you feel like the smiley poop emoji.

1. Go get a cup of your favourite hot drink, whether it be Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or ribena. Mine is definitely a caffeine- free tea, as this girl can’t process caffeine like a normal human. The hot drink will make you feel all warm and cosy inside and chilled out.

2. Take a breath. Meditate or just take a breather you deserve it even if you have done nothing that day. The weather has a knack of making even the best of us feel rubbish..

3. Wear whatever you feel comfy in. I find that on the rubbish days I am craving my jeans and jumper, and yes this complete banana isn’t wearing one today as she thought she would be fine without one. I am totally missing my comfort jumper. Wearing whatever you are comfortable in, means that it is one less thing on your mind, you can chill and not worry about the food babies or the fact that the jeans or top are too small or may look good but make you feel like your being squished by a snake.

4. Listen or Watch something. I find shoving on my Spotify, the best thing ever, especially the pre-made playlists that are danceathons or total relaxation songs that you could listen to lying on a sun bed to crawled up covered by blankets and hot water bottles.

5. Social Media. Now on the rainy days I usually try and stay away from the phone, mainly because i feel like a potato and my eyes turn into the Sahara desert as I stare at the screen. However it is the one way to keep in the loop without FOMO or even snapchat being warm and cosy piled under duvets.

6. NAP. This is one thing I wish I could do right now as I am seriously getting tired from the darker days of rain and wind. So a well timed nap is definitely something that makes me feel more like a happier Hannah, and more motivated to do something rather than lie on my bed, and look at the ceiling.

Lets all hope Spring comes soon/ SUMMER!!!


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