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Put your hand up if you are in a style rut?

Put your hand up if you have no idea what to wear on a daily basis?
Just me?
I know been there done that. Well have you heard of Polyvore? An app where you can create your own outfits and see others. Well if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I always will use Polyvore as my choice to showcase my OOTD’s and any more wishlists and wants of which there is a lot.

Polyvore is great especially if you have no idea what to pair with sparkly boots, or that nice red leather skirt you have your eye on. I use it a lot and it helps me work out what outfits work and what doesn’t. You have a wide range of brands available to look and choose from.
Why not have a look yourself ?
Either Download the app from the App store on Apple or android and you have the style world at your fingertips.
or go to the website (here)
You can see all my sets (here)
To keep up to date:
Twitter: @hannahevickers
Instagram: @hannahevickers
*All opinions are my own. I have not been sponsored or paid to write this post. I just love the app.

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