Just Breath

Well this week has been hard, with finishing exams and still having so much left to do with my final year project it doesn’t leave much time for relaxation.

This week, this girl has been a bit of a mess and that is not an understatement, and so to finally start to go back to feeling like me again, I thought I would update you all on my life and trials.

This week Ben and I went for a much needed walk just around the woods near where we live, and it was much needed especially getting the fresh air back into my system.

Just having the time to have a chat, and get out what needed to be got rid of, it helped.

Having the time to just breath, and clear my head has given me the kick up the butt to start to do work again, and kick some ass in the dissertation front. I already have planned out trips to see my family, as well as when to start all the essays in time so they can actually be written cohesively enough that I don’t word vomit all over.

Also this girl has some plans and ideas about this blog and what is next….

So keep an eye out….


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