Two Look Christmas Party

Two Look Christmas Party


So how are we all enjoying this holiday season? Are we all thinking OMG how is it the 20th??? With 5 Days until Christmas I have compiled two outfits which look amazing with the main feature being the shoes, and don’t they look amazing???
Who wouldn’t want embroidered heels.
Both looks feature the Sequined Jacket and embroidered heels, mainly because I just love them and they would make even the grinch festive…

1st look- The Red Dress.
Now someone please tell me this dress doesn’t look awesome. Its simplistic and even with the twist in the middle is super comfortable. It can be dressed up with heels or down with converses. Along with the jacket it makes for a refined festive outfit for any Christmas party.

2nd look- Velvet Top with Black Jeans.
This outfit I would maybe say can be for the last minute people who can’t decide what to wear. It’s comfortable, yet glamorous. Keeping both top and bottoms plain, can mean that the jacket and shoes can be the main statement pieces that can shine through.

I have included a clutch with both outfits. Keeping the clutch simple and yet still unique with the geometric triangles, still brings the festive look to each outfit.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays so far, and anyone like me spending their holidays revising and writing their dissertation. Keep going !!!!!


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