Getting by in Autumn

Well this girl is very tired and definitely in need of some TLC, or a glass of wine.

However I thought I would whip up a post while I am home alone, with a bit of Netflix.
Now, as we all have noticed the weather has no idea what is going on. It looks cold but actually is tropical weather for late September, so here is my guide to getting by. Have a look.

The Humble Mom Jean – Now the majority of us bought mom jeans, and with summer gone the shades of the jeans has gone darker, however even if you have the lighter colours it still works over the winter months. The embroidered pairs from Topshop are my favourite.
The Borg Jacket- I know other denim piece, but you know double denim is still in right ??
My borg jacket is 3 years old and still going strong. You can get them in a few shades, and lined all the way down the sleeves. Very comfortable and warm.
The Chelsea Boot- Heeled or flat. Patterned or plain. My favourites are from Newlook and Topshop. They both just look so pretty. The Grey can be worn with skinny jeans or even with mom jeans depending on how comfortable you are. The Leopard Print looks amazing, wearing casually or out partying. On trend, and could be worn with leather trousers, or jeans.
The Striped Top- Put your hands up if you like me have a draw full of striped tops. I think everyone has a striped top in their wardrobe, and as it never goes out of fashion you are all set for AW16. I have chosen a cropped long sleeved top, and a short sleeved open back top. Both look amazing and could be worn with skirts, or trousers, dressed up or down.

Check out the links below, and why not have a gander at my pinterest with even more styling and pretty clothes.

Getting by In Autumn


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