Give Me A Break

This week has been very.. very… well tiring to say the least.

And Oh boy do I need a break. Luckily Ben and I are going to his parents for Easter.
So here are my favourite things to do when I need a break.

1. Netflix is my friend. Like seriously no joke, there are so many shows that I am glued to. At the minute it’s Full House. I have always seen clips of the show on youtube, but never the whole episodes.
2. Cups of tea are also great, and always curb any problems.
3. Going home. Now I live quite far away from my family, so its hard to go see them, as well as train tickets costing a lot, and so it’s always nice when I get to visit Ben’s parents, and get to spend some quality time with Ben, and I get looked after by his parents. I am always so grateful that they look after me, especially taking me in over holidays.
4. Nap. I love to nap, and I am so good at napping, but only when I get the right pillow.
5. Paint my nails. I love painting my nails because it relaxes me, and look I get pretty nails at the end of it. My favourite one to use at the minute is easy peasy from Topshop.

6. Going for a walk. I like long walks, and seeing the sun. Like to be serious, I love the sun. It makes me smile lots and lots, and it means I get to wear my favourite shoes. They are so comfy.

I hope you all have a good Easter.



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