She Shoots She Scores…

As with every other blogger, I have goals, and I’m sure you are getting tired of reading all the goal posts. With the New Year here is the time that we all make promises to ourselves to get healthier, to eat better, to stop drinking, smoking, or eating chocolate.

But sometimes these goals don’t make it past the first 3 days of January. Sometimes they don’t even make it past the first hour of January 1st. But here I have something to share with you. The reason we make these goals is because we want to better ourselves, but the way to do it is to make many, but small goals that are super easy to complete, like doing the washing up, or saving a fiver. That way we can still feel good that we completed something, and it’s one of our goals for the year.

So here are my totally realistic small goals for 2016.

1. To complete all my revision for my January exams.

2. To save at least £100 pounds by the end of 2016.

3.  To change computers by my Birthday in April, it helps I’m 21 this year.

4. To actually make the effort, and go see my friend in London.

5. To buy more food that I like eating.

6.  To do more of the things that I like doing, like Blogging, and reading my books.

7. To smile more.

8. To be more proactive, whether it be Uni work, or the daily housechores, I really have to start doing the jobs that need doing.



They may only be little goals, but they are going to be easy to complete, and who knows, this sassy girl might be able to do alot more that she originally thought.



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