Blogmas Week 3

This week semester 1 is done. Woo! 

Now it’s just my normal job… Oh, and a hello lot of revision to do for exams. Not exactly a lot of time. 

Anyway this weeks Blogmas has a theme. I know what a change! This weeks post is about my favourites, Christmassy faves. 

1. Elf, The Santa Clause films, The Grinch
Oh my days these films are amazing over Christmas, and are a tradition. They are the types of films that even if you are watching it for the first time or the millionth time, you are in no doubt to enjoy it. 

2. Christmas Makeup
Last Thursday I went on a little trip to Benefit for a makeover. It was a Christmas present from Ben. They taught me a lot about make up, and what suited me and how to apply it. I love all the products, and so I got hello flawless foundation and hoola bronzer. I still have a lot to get to extend my collection, but I am excited to learn more and have some more amazing make up. 

3. Cake and pudding
Who over Christmas doesn’t like having cake? I hear no shout so we all must love it. Whether it be fruit cake or chocolate Yule log, we all seem to like one or both. My favourite is Christmas fruit cake, and Christmas pudding, they both taste super yummy.

4. Big jumpers
I love jumpers, woolly to jersey. I love them all. They are just so super comfy and especially in winter when you just want to snuggle up and just feel like your getting a warm hug. My favourite is one from a cath kidston.

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