Blogmas Week 2. The Most STRESSFUL week

Oh my days! Aren’t I happy that this week is nearly over and Christmas holidays are soon!!!!

Yes I am excited that Christmas is soon, and I can finally relax, but with another week of lectures to go, and an essay to hand in before next Monday, i’ve still got quite a busy week.

Saying that despite having a huge panic yesterday, and having a right down day. I have picked myself up, and shaken myself down enough to crack on with the rest of this week, and at least get myself to the beginning of January without having another huge meltdown. Note: Having a huge meltdown in a house full of girls = Not fun. I am a very loud crier.

With yesterday gone, and built upon, and me just wanting to just snuggle up in bed, and not do this essay, I think it’s going well.

Putting everything behind me, and sassy strong Hannah back, and here to stay, it’s time for me to tell you all about my exciting christmas fun. Well I say fun, I mean telling you what I have done with my room so I actually feel christmassy.

Number 1: I bought these garlands from Topshop (Sold out now but they do have a star garland here) where they have really cute christmas lyrics on. I have put one on my wall interlocking my fairy lights, and one other on my fireplace, namely because it looks cute with my amazing candles.

Number 2: YANKIE CANDLES GALORE. Well mainly candles, but the christmas baking one is definitely my most favourite one. It isn’t so strong but it makes my room smell of yummy christmas food like gingerbread, and cinnamon….It also makes me very hungry. Mmmm food.

Number 3: Well it has to be the cute little tree that Ben bought me. It’s just a small cute tree, with a load of glitter on. Super cute.

I hope you are having a wonderful week, and having a good build up to Christmas.



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