Are you Ready for Christmas?

Hello Lovely People, 

Well it has been a while since I have written, or it may seem like that to me. Bogged down with work, not something I suggest.
Well this is mainly an update post. 

This week has been super busy, and I know I am writing this on a Wednesday, and it seems like that the weekend was just a mere memory for some. It is now the start of December. And look who is super excited for Christmas *points to self*. Although the christmas presents have yet to be bought, I have been jumping up and down at the thought of this Christmas. 

The food, lights, and people. I am very excited to share this year again with Ben, and this year New Years as well.

So as a lovely gift to you all. I have decided that I will be posting once a week with a GREAT BIG Christmassy post, all for you to read and enjoy at your leisure. Also make sure you check out my instagram and twitter, as there will be alot of updates, and many Christmas photos.  

I hope you all have a great day, and are all getting excited for the holidays. 



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