October Favourites

October seems to have gone so fast, and now we are into November, and although I am super excited for Bonfire night tomorrow there are a few favourites from last month that I would like to mention. 

Food and Drink

  • Soy Chai latte- Mainly because it tastes like Christmas especially with cinnamon on top. It keeps me warm especially in the cold weather, definitely a treat though. Soo addictive. I have had the normal chai latte but being lactose intolerance it’s better for me to have the soy version. 
  • Toffee Apples- Obviously I couldn’t go without my toffee apples this October, with Halloween it definitely got me into the spirit of autumn. They are just soo yummy!!!! 
  • Honey and Lemon- Nearing the end of October I started to get a cold, and a very sore throat. Having honey and lemon with warm water really has soothed my throat enough so I can have my voice back and keeps the coughing to a minimum. (I also have had lemsips but they taste odd). 
  • Soup- Being in my second year of uni, I should know how to cook and what to cook, however I since being back I have been soo lazy and haven’t been eating properly… Bad Hannah! However I have had a saviour in the form of soup. I usually have it will toast or crackers, and it has been filling my up sufficiently so I actually have some proper food in me.

Fashion and Beauty

Okay so October wasn’t really filled with a lot of beauty and fashion favourites, however I have noticed that throughout the month I have been wearing my boots more often especially with knitted socks, and my tartan scarf. It seems to get me into the Autumn and winter mood a lot more, mainly cos I’m all cosied up. 

I also have been wearing a lot of nail varnish, mostly Topshop and Barry M, autumnal colours, Reds, oranges and a lot of pastels. I would say my favourite being the Barry M matte in 439 Vanilla it’s a very pale purple. 

Til next time xo


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