Autumn has definitely shown its head and is here to stay. 

The leaves have fallen off the trees, the temperature has decreased, and the rain has started. Autumn is definitely here. 
I really enjoy autumn with the warm tea, and snuggling up under a blanket doing work or watching movies. There is finally a reason to wear big jumpers and knitted socks. I love the colours across the trees with all the oranges and browns, I try to match all the colours with painting my nails with Topshop ‘Smashing Pumpkin’- the most autumnal colour i own. 

There is also Halloween and TV specials. My favourite being Pretty Little Liars. I always love all the secrets unraveling on it. With halloween comes toffee apples, and crazy scary costumes. This year it’s Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, surely it can’t be difficult. 

Autumn fashion is one very exciting thing, with all the different colours and boots, also the changing styles of coats and hats. Beanies are the way! I’m willing to try new things, especially when it comes down to new boots.



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