Organised or Total Mess

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. I have gone from being totally unorganised to on it, to scrapping for that one last second of sleep. 

Halloween has gone and passed, and I hope you had a good one. I just sat with my housemates watching the very 90’s film Hocus Pocus, and then Dumbo. 

It’s a hard one. To keep everything so balanced. Whether it be money or work. Not gonna lie I struggle with both, sorry bank account ….

Still there is so many ways to keep balanced. To do lists, budgets, taking the time to do the right jobs, and not procrastinating. But sometimes saying that you will do something is  one thing. Doing it is another. 

Although I now have a new job, I still struggle to keep things organised enough to cope. 

Sometimes I do just want to go ‘Hey Girl come on get it together’. However I do even don’t have enough motivation to do that sometimes. 

But this is life, and things either get harder or they just are a full blockade in the way. It‘s the way you deal with it that is important. I just choose to take one thing at a time, and not worry too much about it. 

I know that is hard to do. That’s why tea and cake get me through alot.



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