Autumnal Update

You know its been a long time since posting when you see 4 draft posts building up, all including varying aspects and things, to do with life, beauty and fashion. It’s true that inspiration or motivation has been lacking, but then when hasn’t it.
It’s the end of September, and I am already putting on comfy socks, routing through my wardrobe trying to find my failsafe snuggly jumper.

Lets not lie… It’s official Autumn weather, where the blog posts and magazine articles are all coming out with the autumn trends for this year, and here I am still wearing summery things, trying to cling on hope of that sunny day where I can still get away with wearing the summer gear that one last time.

I am super excited for Autumn,don’t get me wrong, but this season I am stuck in a wardrobe rutt. I have no clue what to wear, or what style to go with. Crop tops and Jeans just aren’t good enough, even if I threw on a jumper over the top.

My idea this season is Shirts, Jeans and Boots. NOTE: including snuggly socks.

I already have an idea of colours, and the obvious berry lipsticks to buy. It’s just getting to the point where I will need to go grab some of bits and pieces I need.

CANDLES. Let me not forget these bundles of wax joy. The cinnamon smells, the crunching leaves. I want it all. (In student housing though this may prove difficult). Saying that though, the most lovely smell this year for me has come from Asda, the yummy smell coming from the candle named apple & spice. It has got be the most amazing smell ever!

What are your favourite things about autumn ?
Are you excited for it? 

Now here is a pretty photo of a butterfly in the sun.


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