Anxitey Apps I Use

Having anxiety is not nice. Anyone who has it will tell you that when you have no control of it you feel helpless. I am just starting out on my journey of controlling the anxiety, and so I thought I would share the apps on my phone, also the apps that I have previously used before.

Headspace is an app which can be purchased for free, from ITunes, and Google Play. It takes you through a 10 meditation, where you concentrate on your breathing, and purely just relax.
I find this app very good, and although I don’t use it everyday (I’m still at day 5) when I do use it, I find myself to be a lot calmer, and relaxed. 

Pacifica is available on Apple, and Andriod.
I found this app good, however I am not organised enough to constantly update my mood, although it does notify you to update, I usually just ignored the notification. I found it good though because you can clearly map your mood, as well as set goals, and do some meditation at the same time, although some features you do have to pay for, the free version is just as good.

SAM (Self- help for Anxiety Management)
SAM is made by the University of the West of England. Although is has been developed by psychologists and student users to me it lacked the actual help of strategies to cope with the anxiety, although it does give very helpful tips, and an anxiety tracker so you can see how well, or not so well you are doing. The design of this app means that you can eventually build your own toolkit of resources so you can better deal with your anxiety. 
I think I will come back to this app at a later date when I have at least managed to grapple the basics of coping. 

Calm is good for meditation, and mainly concentrating on your breathing so you can better relax. It can be downloaded on Apple, and Android.I would definitely say the full app would have maybe been better for me to try, but as I kept hearing so many other people trying it I thought I would give it a go. I found this app good but without the full app, I didn’t really get what I wanted out of the app. 

When I first came to the diagnosis of anxiety, this was one of the many apps I downloaded to try and feel better, so I could try and relax whenever I felt stressed, or just wanted to relax. I first downloaded this on my kindle, and to be honest I still didn’t get what I wanted out of the app. There are many different ‘digital pills’ you can try; trying to sleep, for stress, for anxiety, for motivation and for strength, amoung many others, I found that you get given the basics, and if you want any more you have to purchase each pill seperately so I tried a few, and it is basically mediation. 

Companion is a free app, which you can get on ITunes.
I find this app this most helpful, especially when you are first starting out. You can make cards where you upload a picture, and create a phrase which gets put on the picture about what the picture makes you think. I have done a couple where the pictures I have chosen are happy memories. There is also a part where you can reframe a thought, and also relax for 15 minutes or 11 minutes with muscle relaxation. This app also gives alot of information about CBT, and how it can help. I still have this app on my phone as it can work alongside my CBT. 

Hope these can help you, even if you are just having a stressful time.



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