Juggling a Blog

Having a blog can be all consuming, even if being a blogger is your job. 

I love blogging, however it isn’t the only thing I do, I am a University student, who also has a part time job. Even juggling uni work with working a part time job is quite hard. 

The way I juggle everything, on top of anxiety and normal life things, is to me a big adventure. I’m not quite sure how I do it, but i’m still going which must mean im doing something right. 

Being a University student is the main thing, and getting the work done is the main goal before doing anything else, and however much I procrastinate the work still has to be done. In the meantime, having the part time job, and being asked to do extra shifts is okay, but I just say yes just so I don’t have to write another essay, which I shouldn’t really be doing, especially when there is only a week to write an essay. 

Then while I am being busy with doing work, and a job, creating more posts for this blog does fall between the cracks. I have numerous lists of posts that I can write, varying from lifestyle to beauty, and hopefully while I am not at Uni I can create some good content for you guys. As well as just being caught up in life things, like going on holiday, and finding houses, and paying rent.

But while I am uni, I do sometimes find the time to write a post, either spur of the moment ot one that I have been planning to do, and I have a free couple of minutes to write. 

I love blogging, and creating content, so you lovely people can enjoy at your leisure. It definitely is my favourite little cosy spot on the internet where I enjoy sharing a part of me, but also enjoy reading other peoples blogs.



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