The Truth

Welcome back to That’s Life. 

I know I have taken some time off from blogging, and to tell you the truth it was very much needed. 
Being a smaller blogger, in the blogging world does mean that I like the huge big bloggers, do fall out of love with blogging, as I may not be viewed as much or read as much. However I still have the same love for blogging that anyone else has. 

Being a blogger has become one of the biggest things this year, as more and more bloggers, are being asked to go abroad, and work with more and more companies, which is great, but it can place false hopes that because you are a blogger, companies are going to flood in as soon as you publish your first post. 

There are bloggers who have been blogging for many many years who dont work with any companies, and there are also bloggers who have only been blogging for a year or so who work with companies. 

I have been blogger for over a year now, and although I have nothing against working with companies, I would only work with companies that would benefit you, and I feel would be good to showcase on here. 

Then there are the blogging events, which on a recent twitter party with @LbloggersUK had a conversation about blogging events, and although there were many bloggers who were chatting about the different events themselves, one thing crossed my mind while reading through the many tweets, how can smaller bloggers access these events, and how can we not sink into the background, and be taken notice of, as it can seem that you are ‘late to the party’ as everyone else knows each other. 

I blog for one reason and one reason only, for me. I started this blog to create an outlet for me, through a time in my life where big things were happening, and I wanted a place to have a creative outlet that other people could enjoy. 

I know this is a very word heavy post for a welcome back post, but I hope you enjoy it. Here’s a picture to make up for it.



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