On the Road to Recovery

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Okay so like any other person who has been super busy with work, and jobs and stressing about the normal daily life things like money, and relationships, and time. It has all gotten too much for me, and although Uni has now finished, and all I have left is my job. With the time in-between finishing Uni, and waiting til I can go on holiday. I have been a right mess. 

However today I finally feel so much better, and whether that be because I finally got to have a chat with someone other than Ben, while he is away, or whether it be because I have finally come to the conclusion that things will be okay, and there is no need for me to worry because no matter what happens I can’t control the outcome. 

I know things will be fine, and that there are so many good things that I am doing this summer, and so the small worrying things are insignificant, and shouldn’t be stressing me out at all. 

I know this blog hasn’t been used in a while, and I know that has been down to me loosing quite a lot of inspiration, and the problems talked about before. Hopefully I will be able to get back in to it. I have a few posts I would like to do, so hopefully there will be some coming out soon.

Either way, I hope you are all having a good day, and if not that’s okay. It just means a fresh start again tomorrow. 



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