Where Have I Been ?


I have got to tell the truth. These past couple of months have been really tough, and although I have been very busy, and not posting very much. I have been very much dealing with something that is widely known. Anxiety.

Now this is not to get attention, but more to bring attention. When I was growing up, I went through a lot of things, moving around, separation, and the normal teenage school years. Over this time all the problems, and events, seemed to have not been dealt with properly, or I thought that I was handling things fine. I now know that maybe it wasn’t all that. 

Anxiety is a mental health issue, and is becoming more of a common occurrence, as people have the biggest pressures thrust upon them, through school or family. Although my anxiety has yet to be pinpointed, and fully sorted out. I wish I had spoken to someone earlier about things, whether it be a counselor, or just pastoral support at church. Anxiety, along with many other mental health problems should not be brushed aside so lightly. These problems could spiral out of control, and the pressure of gaining the control back will just put more pressure on you. 

I know so many people already out on the internet who have shared their experience, like Zoella and Tanya. As well as many people close to me. They all have their ways to cope, and tackle it. Hopefully I will find mine. 

Even if not many people read this, this is for you who do read this. If you know someone dealing with anxiety or any other mental health issue, or if you yourself are dealing with such an issue, my best advice is to talk about it, and you never know what might happen, you might just be on the right path to be able to cope, or do things that you couldn’t do before. 



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