Fridays Findings| Have you Heard of Taste Uni?

Well have you….

TasteUni is a place that provides information about university. They are your “eyes on the ground”. They have vlogs, and blogs from actual university students where no topic is off limits, from good places to PARTY to ways to move in to student accommodation. 

They have created a guide to all things about Uni, and answer the questions that so many people ask about before heading off to the uni of their choice. I wish I knew about Tasteuni before I went, however now I can impart some of my wisdom, and experience to you via Tasteuni blogs. 

Tasteuni wants to help, and provides the information that you don’t get told on University open days, like the best late night places to party, or the best places to get that much needed kebab. From actual University students, you get the latest and honest advice that you need. 

So are you heading to Uni this year? Want to know the answers to all your questions?

Then I highly advise having a read or watch. Links are down below. 


(This is not a sponsored post. I am writing to show support, and share my opinions.)

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