It’s The Little Things

I often just go through life, and not pay attention to many things, or just be so concentrated on one thing that I forget anything else.

However it is nice to just stop and look at the little things that make up your life, and just have a nice day seeing everything that you usually miss when you are just soo busy.

I was at Ben’s this week when we were looking out the window, and we saw a cute black and white cat, which is usually around the neighbourhood, meowing at the window, so we opened the window, and stroked it. It was only after the cat started to walk off, I started to think about my old cat, and how much I missed her.

It was the little things that I missed; the meowing at the door, the smell of cat. I appreciate the time I had with my cat, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sometimes it’s just nice to take a step back, and appreciate the little things that keep us happy.

What little things make you happy ?



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