Friday Findings| Dinner Out

This Wednesday I went out to dinner with my lovely Ben, and we decided to go to Giraffe which I have really wanted to go to for a while. The atmosphere was amazing, nice, quiet, and cosy. The staff were very friendly, and kind.

We both ordered our drinks first, I had an elderflower and apple cooler, which definitely was refreshing, and the nicest drink I have had in a while. Ben had a Brooklyn New York Lager.

Then we ordered our mains which were delicious. I had the Thai duck stir fry which was full of vegetables, and lots of meat. Ben had the ‘Giraffe’ burger, which he loved, he got sweet potato fries which tasted very nice, just sweeter than normal fries.

We then had pudding, and although there wasn’t a lot of choice for me, being lactose intolerant, I found it difficult to find something to have, however I did get the fruit sorbet which was a mango sorbet with fruit salad containing apple, melon, and strawberries. Ben had the Banana waffle split which he very much enjoyed.

I would definitely recommend going to Giraffe to anyone, and I will definitely be going back there again.


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