New look, New ideas

As you can probably see there have been some changes on the look of That’s Life, and that is mainly down to trying to make it look and feel better. 

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been scrolling down this blog reading each post, and to everyone who has subscribed to me on bloglovin (the small amount there is). I really appreciate every single one of you who continually keeps reading. 

Now on to my main point today which is a new idea for this blog, and that is to do a weekly segment on a Friday, like so many other bloggers, but this time changing it up by interchanging what I write. So one week I will do a beauty post, the next a fashion and the next a life post. This way you are all guaranteed a post each week. 

Hope you are all having a fantastic January. Thank you all so much for reading. 


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