Staying Positive

Being positive can be hard, staying positive can be even harder. Life throws a lot of curved balls, you can be right in the middle of when it does. 

Staying positive can be easier than you think. My top tips would definitely be to:

  • Write done everything positive about your day, compliments, people who made you smile, or things that made you smile. 
  • Think of one positive thing you want to do in the day, and do it!
  • Don’t let the negative get in your way. Accept that it’s happening, and carry on. 
  • Talk to people. Don’t be secluded, socialise with one person a day. Whether it be a phone call, going out for lunch or saying hi. Talking to someone in the day can really help. ( They might even make you smile)
  • Look at positive imagery. You know the ones i’m talking about, like ‘hang in there’ and its a picture of a cat. It can help you build goals,and keep you proactive. 
  • Just take a walk. Having some fresh air can give you a new outlook on a situation. Clearing your mind, and helping you think of other things, like the scenery or ducks in a pond. It helps me greatly. 

Hope it helps. Comment below on how you stay positive.



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