Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 has been epic, and full of lots of wonders, which I have enjoyed immensely. Like every year there have been ups, and downs, but looking on today in reflection there have been amazing memories. I am so excited to create more.

This year I have been punting, made lots of Easter treats, went to Winter wonderland, said goodbye to my cat, moved back to Cambridge, went on lots of walks and finally drank quite a lot of hot chocolate.

Today is New Years Eve, so you know what that means, everyone is finding new years resolutions that are usually to stop eating junk food, or to get fitter. I think it’s time that I create feasible new years resolutions for myself.

Number 1: To take more pictures of memories, and days out so I can look back on them later, and remember what I did that day.

Number 2: To read more of my books that are still in my room.

Number 3: To spend more time on University work, and concentrate more on what I want to do. (Organisation is much needed here)

Number 4: To lessen the amount of sugar I am still eating, this isn’t for weight sake it is to keep my teeth healthier. 4 fillings this year is not something I want to continue.

Number 5: To just be happy, and appreciate the time I have when I’m not working, and use it wisely.

Number 6: To not to worry, and let small things get me down.

Number 7: To save up money, and have goals to what I want to save.

I hope you all have an amazing New Year, and 2015 is a great one for us all.

What are your resolutions for 2015? Comment below…xo


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