Instagram Diary

This year has been amazing, and the most roller coaster of them all. There have been ups and down, but mainly ups.
These six photos all from my instagram (@hannahevickers) definitely are my favourites:
Top Left, was taken on a colder rainy day where my boots were just the comfiest things I could find to walk Penny the dog.
Top right, was taken on the coach to Donna Nook, where I went with my university course to see, and count seals. We were stood in the cold for about an hour when it decided to rain, so we all had to shelter inside a small metal building, the most fun I had though was on the coach ride to Donna Nook where it was just a stick on some music moment.
Middle left, is of my amazing Ben, who this year has been the biggest rock and constant. He really has been amazing, and I am so happy to be with him, mainly because no one is madder than us.
Middle Right, is of a ride at Winter Wonderland where Ben and I went about 3 weeks ago to have a look around. It was quite chilly but we kept warm.
Bottom Left, is of both Ben and I, on a walk through the Cemetery close to where Ben lives. Taking selfies and trying not to fall over was the main thing that happened on that walk as well as trying to loose one another, and swinging me around.
Bottom Right, is of my very comfy joggers which I kept on most of summer which means many pj days, very relaxing and much needed.

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