Winter Favourites

Winter is coming :)

Winter is here, and instead of doing a November or December favourites, I have decided to collate them both together and do a winter favourites. There are amazing things that I absolutely love about winter, and some that I just enjoy all year round but usually have them or do them more in winter. 

Food and Drink

  • Mint Hot chocolate- I really love hot chocolate and with the added mint, it becomes really refreshing and so snuggly. If drinks can be snuggly then this one definitely would be. I usually get this one from Starbucks. 
  • Christmas Food- Puddings, cakes and mince pies. I absolutely love to just gorge on these foods, all through Christmas time and winter. Admittedly I have already had a Christmas Pudding, and quite a few mince pies. Yes I know it isn’t even Christmas yet, its only the start of December. 
Media and Technology
  • I absolutely love sitting on the sofa at home, and snuggling up watching movies, and Christmas TV. My favourite Christmas movie has to be Elf, mainly because it is just is so heartwarming and funny. 
  • VLOGMAS- I love watching all the vlogmas videos each year from my favourite youtubers. Mainly Zoella and Ingrid Nilsen. I love their beauty and fashion advice, and how real they are on and off camera. They inspire me quite a lot and give me lots of ideas for Christmas. 
  • Songs and Albums- This year I have been loving certain songs, and my favourite being Taylor Swifts new song Blank Space. (may have small obsession with the song). I also have been listening to Lily Allen’s rendition of ‘somewhere only we know’ from last years John Lewis advert. AMAZING!!!!
Everything else
  • Christmas shopping- This year I have already done all of my Christmas shopping, and even wrapped it all. I love shopping in general, and Christmas shopping is definitely fun but also can be super hard, especially when it comes to shopping for the men. I did get stuck but managed to find a few great things. 
  • FAMILY TIME- I love spending time with my family, especially as I no longer live at home. Having all fun and games. This year for Christmas I am going to Ben’s family house for Christmas which will be great, as they are so welcoming, so kind. I am so thankful that they are taking me in, especially as i can’t get to my family for Christmas. 
  • Christmas Pj’s- Each year I get super excited for Christmas, and on Christmas eve I get clean pj’s out, and get super excited planning what I am going to wear for Christmas morning. This years idea is an exciting one…. watch out for a very excited tweet and photo of this years choice. (Follow here) 
  • Woolly socks and Hot water bottles- I love wearing my big dark red woolly socks over my leggings, and having my hot water bottle with me to cuddle on colder nights, especially as my room at uni is very cold. 
Hope you enjoyed my favourites, what are yours, comment below.
Until next time… 


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