Things I have learnt

Well since last year there are soo many things I have learnt some practical, and some just thoughts, plus things to reflect on. 
Some of the practical things like learning how to cook properly, and trying to do things differently in the kitchen, also the importance of cooking things til they are piping hot. I have learnt how to finally do a fishtail plait, and how to lead a better life by eating properly (Tea and biscuits do not make breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

However I have learnt so much just over this summer, like the importance of communication, and staying positive. I’m not saying this summer wasn’t great, because it literally was the greatest I have ever had. But it did have its hard parts which did take its toll. The thing is that coming back to Uni after having a great summer, really put things into perspective, and made me see who, and what I had in my life, and all the plans that I got carried away with were just merely just crazy thoughts in my head that I wanted to become real someday, and I started to loose track of where I was now, and where I wanted to be the next day.

Because of this I had a hard look at myself, and decided that I had to calm down the crazy, too far into the future plans, and come back to the present, and get down to enjoying the things that were happening around me, rather than thinking so hard into the future. I now am really enjoying every single second I get to spend with my friends, Ben and my family. I plan for the next week, not the next 5 years. Obviously I do have some thought on where I want to be, but not extensive plans, just musing over the future, rather than going into serious depth. I feel better in myself, and although I’m still learning a few things or two about life, I am remaining positive, and looking forward to the many things to come. 



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