July Favourites

July is coming to an end, and it only seems like yesterday that I did my June favourites. I haven’t been doing a lot this month, mainly lazing around doing this and that. Nevertheless I still have some favourites from this month. 

  1. Whatsapp- I have been using Whatsapp all of this month mainly so I don’t use up all of my texts, but also so Ben doesn’t end up with a huge bill texting me back. It’s a great app where it uses your 3G/ internet to send texts/ messages. It’s a great way to keep in contact with people if you are starting to run out of credit, or free texts, it also saves the recipient money to so they don’t use up all their credit. 
  2. Hair Oil- I have been loving putting hair oil on my hair, as it leaves it feeling softer ,and helps my hair repair itself, well at least gives it a chance. Also with the hair oil, I have been doing the inversion method (where you turn your head upside down, and massage your scalp for 5 minutes, without getting light-headed or falling over, I usually lay on my bed, so the scalp gets a bit more circulation to it),which should help my hair to grow, well boost it a little. 
  3. Skype- I know this is the same reason as Whatsapp, but Skype has literally been a godsend, as being away for long periods of time, I want to keep in contact with people while I am away, and Skype has helped me do that. It also is cool that I can have it on my phone and tablet so I can Skype while I’m out as well, just incase I have a melt down when I’m away from my computer. 
  4. Teen Wolf- I absolutely love this show. I started watching it after I finished watching all my other shows, and realised I still had time to watch another. It is a fantastic show, all about werewolves, and supernatural things. It’s also relate able with teen issues, as well as the supernatural story lines. 
  5. Green Tea- I have been loving green tea, although it has an acquired taste, the health benefits out weigh the taste. I usually have it in the morning with no sugar, and it flushes out all the toxins which are in my body, and aids my digestion. You can get it in lots of flavours, I have the lemon flavour as lemon is also supposed to detox you. 
  6. Fruit Cake- I absolutely LOVE fruit cake. It’s basically Christmas cake but without the preparation with alcohol before icing it. I love it mainly for the fruit, which sometimes does sink to the bottom, but that’s just the best thing. I have sometimes had it for breakfast, and it’s good with even extra fruit. 
  7. Beauty Favourites- I have been loving Natural Collection Black waterproof mascara. Even though I like going au naturale, I like to sometimes to put a bit of mascara on, mainly if I have to go out anywhere. 
  8. Letters- I’m not talking about the alphabet, I’m meaning the form of communication, of sending letters. It’s nice to receive a letter, I feel it’s a bit more personal, and it’s more permanent. Every time I write a letter, I try, and make everything I write in it the best possible things. I let myself ramble, like how I would if I were talking to the person to their face. It’s just personal, and I love to hear of their reaction to the letter. It’s exciting because I always try and estimate when they will get the letter and read it. It’s quite fun. 
  9. Motivational quotes- July has been a bit of a hard month, with a lot of tears shed, and stress piling up. Being away from a bit of a safety net that I was in most of June, I started to miss people a lot, but also started to get stressed, and have more than a few melt downs. I found some motivational quotes on Weheartit, and it helped me feel a bit better. It gave me a new perspective to look at, and get me through the parts where I wasn’t happy, or felt anxious. It really helped me, and I will definitely be looking for some more if and when I go into another meltdown. 
picture quotes | Tumblr


- Kian Lawley

Those are my favourites from July. Hope you have enjoyed them. To August we go….


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