What’s In My Bag

I thought I’d show you what’s in my bag, although it’s not very interesting, it’s just for a bit of fun. 

So lets start….

My Bag is from New look, I love the colour as it’s not what I would usually go for and it’s a bit different to the other bags I have. 

In the main compartment I usually have my phone, my purse/ wallet which is from Topshop, My umbrella which is also from Topshop, My little wallet with Paracetamol and some plasters and a small container full of some sort of dried fruit, for a snack so when I’m out I don’t buy any extra food. 
If I’m going out for the day I would also put in a small thin jumper just in case it gets cold. 

In the smaller back zip compartment I have some tissues, my lip salve, Rescue Remedy just in case I get stressed, and some Vanilla Body shop hand cream. 

Hope you enjoyed the in’s and out’s of my bag 


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