Overwhelming Hard Times

Sometimes the bad times all come at once, and even if you move away from them or try to get away from them, they just find you and overwhelm you. 
I’m not saying I know exactly how to go through it without being hurt from it or know how to solve it all in one quick click of the fingers. I still have my moments of just having a good cry and letting it all out. But I have gotten a lot better at dealing with it. 

Here are my tips for dealing with it all:

  • Talk to someone about it. Friends do help but not everyone goes through it all or will understand. If you’re at school I suggest finding the school councillor or letting an adult know because they are more likely to understand and give you advice on what to do. I know there can be some apprehension on going to see a councillor but be brave, you’re not crazy because you want help in dealing with something, and often people will understand and not say anything about it. 
  • Try dealing with it head on. Don’t bottle it up. If your having a problem with your parents then just ask if you can have a chat and calmly tell them your view, or the problem your having and they will most likely take it on board and will help you out. If it’s a problem with your friends, be calm and tell them what’s wrong. It helps if you stay calm and don’t try and shout at them or raise your voice because this could just make it worse and not help or resolve the situation. 
  • Take yourself out of the situation. I know it can be hard to be shut up in a house and you are angry, annoyed, sad or just surrounded by things which just make it worse. Try taking a walk or go round to a friends house if they are close (NOTE: if you do go out leave a note or tell someone where you are.) Going out and just taking a walk around the block can help you have sometime to clear your head and have a breather. It also gives you some space to sort out what you are feeling or take your mind off the problem. On the other hand if you cant get out of the house or if your on holiday. Find the quietest place you can in the building, (if it’s out of your hotel room or away from an adult, let them know where you are going before you wander off), and try to block out the noise by watching a movie with headphones in or play some music whilst going on facebook or plan something nice that you want to do, whether it be going to see a movie with friends or decorating a room, it helps take your mind off the problem whilst blocking out any sounds you can from an arguments.
  • Write down how you feel. I do this very often, especially if I’m upset or angry as it helps get it all out and afterwards you feel better as your no longer bottling it up and for extra affect you can just put it in the bin or burn it in the winter months when you can just put it in the fire. 
I hope this helps. 


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