How To: Not get bored over a long holiday

Everyone gets bored at some point over the holidays and wonders what to do, even when you’re so bored you don’t really want to do anything at all. Here are my tips on how to combat this:

  1. Try turning off all electrical equipment and just have a tech free day. Go old school with board games or read that book you have been wanting to read but forgot about. 
  2. Instead of sitting in your room all day on your laptop, move from room to room doing a different activity, such as reading outside in the garden then go into the living room and watch some or get comfy and read in there instead. Just moving around will make you less tired and less likely to get bored. 
  3. Meet up with your friends and go out to the cinema to watch the latest movie you have all been wanting to go see, or go bowling. Seeing your friends, especially if you are all heading off in different directions later on, such as taking a gap year or going to university can help make some memories before you all go your separate ways.
  4. Go exploring…… What I mean by this is go into your nearest town or city and go exploring even if you know it like the back of your hand, trying and find something new that you haven’t seen or done. 
  5. Time to clear out and tidy up. Many people will want to move out or will be packing up to go to University in September or just come out of a year of Uni. Whatever you have been doing, this can be done no matter what time of year. It’s always good to sort out all your things to what you want around or take to where ever you are going. And throw out or give away the things you don’t wear, don’t want or just don’t need with you. However think whether you will use things like extra spoons or mugs in years to come. Most things like cutlery and mugs go missing or get broken when you are moving or at Uni. 
  6. Rearrange. Rearranging can help you feel like a room is new and a bit of change can make you feel happier and change things up for the year to come. 
  7. Volunteer or find a job. Volunteering is always a good thing to do as it gives you something to do but is also giving back to society. Whether it be in a charity shop or in a wildlife park, it can give you valuable experience so it’s a bit easier to get a part time job if you need it. Or if you have the experience why not find yourself a small part time job working in a shop or in a cafe. A little bit of money never hurt nobody and you  can always save it up to buy that something you have always wanted, or save it for your future, as students always need money for trips, food or rent.
Hope these help if you’re ever feeling bored or can’t think of what to do. 


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