Year One Done!!

 I definitely do say that my first year at University has been absolutely great. I have met amazing people and have seen really cool things. A lot of work has been done and I hope I have done enough to pass.

I think I have fully emerged into the big wide world and come out the other side not too bruised and battered, and I have learned a lot of life lessons… especially to do with money and how to manage it better.

There are also a lot of things school didn’t teach me before coming to Uni, such as how to manage money, how to find a house for next year, as well as dealing with estate agents and putting down deposits. It’s all part of the fun of going to Uni and dealing with everything, it’s all a new type of adventure to go on, and it all helps in the great span of living.
Now I’m all moved out and ready to have a relaxing summer, and re-cooperate before September, especially going on holiday to Paris for a jolly good old time.



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