The Invisible Girl

Well, now I am at University I feel all grown up and I have met a lot of amazing people who are literally the best people ever. Despite being on Christmas holidays I am very fortunate that I do not have any work to do, unlike my friends, which has made me get bored very easily and has brought me to watching YouTube vlogs all day everyday, however it has got me thinking that once we leave education, whether it be at 16 or 18 , we are thrust into the Big World which is full of things that you didn’t get taught at school and are lessons which you have to learn quickly so you don’t sink in the ship of life. Lessons like budgeting is one very big one, and how to get a job properly and things which can help you on your way. 

Without knowing these lessons you can feel invisible and feel like you’re slowing sinking down to somewhere dark. I have often felt like this, especially the first month at Uni, but I think the way to stop feeling soo invisible is to just take a deep breath and stay calm, and if its possible talk to someone about it so you can get back on your feet and carry on. I know it can seem daunting and somewhat scary but it can help, especially when you make new friends who are in the exact same boat as you. 



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