Stresses and Anxiety

I write this blog mainly so I have something to do so I don’t get bored, also it has given me an outlet to voice my weird and wacky but sometimes serious thoughts, and I am not doing this to get any sort of release or to become famous I am purely doing it to help me with voicing things but also along the way trying to brighten up anyone and everyone’s day with a little ray of sun (even though it is very cloudy in the sky at the moment, English weather). 

I’m not entirely sure if anyone reads this at all but if it helps anyone in anyway to feel better or feels like they want to voice their opinion or any thoughts they are having, feel free to comment. 

Not many people know but I struggle with stress and how to handle it, it is mainly due to home life and lots of differing things with that, but it is also about trying to do well, especially with work and assignments and exams. 

So, i’m putting this out there into the world that if anyone has any problems or just needs someone to talk to i am here. All you have to do is comment. Im happy to talk about how i deal with my stress and anxiety and to help anyone along. 

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